Man-made stones, natural gemstones and diamonds are all included in our assortment

Pandora purchased 1.1 billion stones in 2019, and more than 99.9% of these were manmade, primarily cubic zirconia and nano crystals. Man-made stones can be identical to their mined gemstone counterparts, and will often exhibit the same basic crystal structure. Man-made stones are fully traceable, and the ability to grow stones with fewer variations in colour and quality considerably reduces material waste.

Like metals, natural stones are finite resources that can cause environmental damage when mined. According to a study by environmental consultancy Trucost, the environmental cost of cubic zirconia is just 0.001% of that of a mined diamond, largely due to the vastly smaller quantity of energy required to produce cubic zirconia.

Natural stones are still used in a few of our collections, in small volumes.

We recognise our responsibility to help develop a more ethical supply chain for core jewellery materials. We only accept suppliers who are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council and who can certify compliance with the System of Warranties, established by the World Diamond Council for diamond sourcing. In 2020, we sourced diamonds from KGK Diamonds Co., Ltd.